Waterbed: A Jolting Revolution

The waterbed technology has always been around. But it is now increasingly being used by people all around the globe more than ever. The reason is due to increased awareness of the waterbed’s healing properties and the way it works to infuse health back into people’s lives. Meanwhile, from the industry point of view more stocks are being made available now simply because people can afford to accommodate it into their current lifestyle.

The bedroom furniture Singapore scene at the Furniture Mall introduces this waterbed along with suitable wooden bed frame and a new concept of storage bed Singapore. A unique world of sleep methodology is now opened up to Singaporeans. A chance to treat that creaking joints, a boon to amend the aching back, no more counting sheep to sleep and definitely no more letting the bed bugs bite your loved ones.

Fantasy Waterbeds of the bedroom furniture Singapore which had been the leading power behind a good night’s sleep is the selected retailer of the world famous waterbed that is steeped in German science. Hailed as ‘EveRest’ , this range of waterbed mattresses come in various models and can be customized according to anyone’s needs or preference. For instance, a mattress can have both a soft and a hard side to meet both partners’ preference. The technology is also such that no amount of movement can disrupt a person’s sleep while lying on the water bed. Fantasy Waterbeds gains niche by not only the ‘EveRest’ mattresses but also by providing excellent after sales support.

In order to gain a stronger hold in the bedroom furniture Singapore, Fantasy Waterbeds should increase peoples’ level of awareness about the health benefits and prominent features of ‘EveRest’. Fantasy Waterbeds may want to consider the following:

  • Have free sleep clinics: Running a free sleep clinic using the waterbeds will instantly create a lasting impression on sleep volunteers. For they will easily see the difference in their sleep quality, especially the insomniac ones.
  • Collaborate with hospitals: Ailing patients have claimed to have cured back pain, eczema, asthma and bed sores when waterbed is made as part of their lifestyle. Hence, if hospitals endorse this by leveraging more on waterbed, people will start seeing it as medical evidence and follow suit.
  • Run road show to share benefits and features of water bed such as its ability to repel dust, fend off bed bugs, dust mites and more.

Shoppers these days realize the difference between making a decision and an informed decision prior to any purchase. As simple as the suggestions above may be, they can provide the necessary information to make that informed decision. Not only that, the business will also get cost free word of mouth advertisement. Of course, using health as the point of persuasion is a point that fails very rarely. Who wouldn’t be passionate about magic mattress that actually heals diseases that were long thought to no longer disturb a person? Who wouldn’t want unique features in a bed?

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