Taking Proactive steps: Anti-slip treatments in preventing slip accidents

Accidents don’t choose their victims. Everybody can be the target regardless of sex, age, social status or any societal category we belong to. Moreover, nobody can decide on how much impact and what injuries the accidents can lay on. Thus, it is important for everyone to take an extra caution in everything we do as even the seemingly mild mishaps can bring major injuries and discomfort.

Being one step ahead from these scenarios can be of great advantage not only for those who initiated the act but for everybody as well. In addressing such concerns, one should have an attitude that will not stop the incident from happening but prevent the things itself from happening instead as they say, “Prevention is better than cure.” We should not wait for something bad to happen before we take action. Anticipation is the key to avoid misfortune that could have not happened under our control. Start being proactive rather than reactive.

It is true that we can’t control everything but there are situations when something should have not happened if we did something. Being proactive is planning ahead and taking responsibilities with the things we can control so that when a scenario comes, we’re not surprised and being totally captured by it. It’s like preparing for the waves to come. You try to condition yourself so that when the waves hit you, you won’t be taken by surprise and you’re ready to sway with it get passed through it with no harm done to you.

One of the most applicable example is the incidents of slipping, tripping and falling. People can actually avoid it but because they tend to be reactive at times these avoidable accidents happen. The simple acts of making or posting signs to warn people, or keeping the flooring dry can make a big difference. But above all the simple means of try to prevent accidents from happening is by trying to make permanent changes around. Changing the conditions that primarily cause the accidents. Thus, a more permanent proactive move. Try to plan ahead and see where the real problem lies. As for the slipping accidents, solely relying on each and everyone’s attentiveness to guarantee no accidents in a day is beyond someone’s control.

Therefore, we should look for other ways that will not depend on every individual’s attitude. Being proactive about it can mean changing the condition of the area itself. And one way to address it is with the anti-slip treatment. With this, you don’t have to remind everyone that the floor is slippery when wet or wear shoes that would not slide through the flooring or even be so careful when walking. Anti-slip treatments target the problem of having slippery or uneven flooring itself. The use of anti-slip flooring prevents people from slipping through it. It uses anti-slip coating with paint, tapes and other materials which would prevent the flooring from being slippery even if it is wet or spilled with other greasy substances. The use of anti-slip treatmentcan tremendouslycut the records of people suffering injuries from slips. Hence, having a proactive attitude will not only keep you safe but can be helpful to others as well.

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