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Fantasy Waterbed: Sleeping Through the Storm

Creating a business isn’t difficult, getting ahead of the competition and staying on the top are the tough parts. Fantasy Waterbeds makes the feat by introducing new concepts of bedroom furniture Singapore. A bed filled up with water – waterbed is the latest concept here. With a whooping 15 years warranty the waterbed takes the bedroom furniture industry Singapore into the next level of sleeping comforts that was once only available to an exclusive group.

It is worth considering owning a waterbed due to its features and advantages which are incomparable against the conventional mattress. Some of the many features and advantages of the waterbed are as following.

  1. Based on anti wave technology that reduces up to 99% impact of movements on bed, thus ensuring a peaceful sleep.
  2. Provides total support for back and spine, therefore no more back ache as it is the best mattress for back pain.
  3. No sagging or losing its shape and turning it over to maintain the stiffness like the conventional bed. Given a proper care, waterbed can be maintained for more than 20 years.
  4. Does not require beating out the dust, just a quick wipe down is required after its cover is removed for easy machine wash.
  5. Is most suited for those with allergic problems or sinus problems as the waterbed does not collect dust and deters dust mites.
  6. Induces better sleep by reducing pressure points and increasing blood circulation. Normally, we toss and turn close to 50 times in a night due to this, but with waterbed this no longer happens.
  7. Gives a cooling sensation when used, a useful feature for tropical climates and in hospitals, it is used to enhance treatment for children as the cooling waterbed helps to reduce high fever.
  8. Helps to promote better health for those suffering from arthritis, insomnia, rheumatism, asthma and other health problems.
  9. Heavy duty material that can support any weight and can be used without worries of water leak or waterbed sagging. Recent durability test done on Fantasy Waterbeds mattresses whereby for more than a week a car was left to pin down one of the waterbeds, revealed that there were no leaks, punctures or other issues.
  10. Preventive and corrective methods are in place if at all the water leaks, an inner liner would absorb the water, preventing it from leaking onto the floor. Any puncture or leak can be rectified easily similar to a flat tyre repair using a repair kit that comes with the mattress purchase.
  11. Tailor make your own waterbed by selecting the amount of water in the mattress between to determine preferred softness or hardness of the mattress with a possibility of having both in the same mattress.
  12. Gain mobility for those always on the move, as waterbed is super easy for storing and pumping up.

It is time to go for a lifestyle that helps to cure and bring better health benefits which is the biggest asset of this waterbed. With its long term warranty, consumers may gain a peace of mind and can solely focus on recuperating their health.

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