24 Nov 2015

Making Green Choices: the LED Light

We are now living at a time when the planet Earth is drastically changing, due to the recent doings of mankind. Let us stop denying it; we have been cruel to Mother Nature. She who had nurtured us and gave us refuge in her abode, only got suffering and pain

23 Nov 2015

The Changes made by Light

There is no doubt that light is a relevant part of our lives. We humans find it hard to survive without it. It is no easy feat to live in a world of darkness, where you are incapable of seeing what is ahead of you. Light can make a huge

01 Jul 2015

Refrigerator and Air con servicing in the modern day and age

As much as refrigerator and Air con is needed in the modern way of living, it is serves as an adjacent necessity to also have its corresponding services from professionals and technicians. With the fast-paced and modern way of living, there is barely enough time to repair and maintain these