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Bosch and Panasonic products in one place

Bosch Singapore

Bosch Singapore and Bosch product in particular is one of the leading and most trusted power tools manufacturer and provider over the world whether it’s outdoors, indoors and home use, any heavy duty tasks can be done easily with Bosch products.

If you need power tools, piece of advice, don’t look for anything else, look for Bosch products. If you still have your doubts, ask your handyman, he will tell you to buy Bosch because it’s the best. Because when it comes to tools, there’s Bosch and the other brands. So choose Bosch, you won’t regret it.


Panasonic Singapore is one of the leading appliance providers in Singapore, providing quality products like washing machines, refrigerators, speakers, Televisions, Air conditioners and etc. They have a great market when it comes to household appliances because of the fact that they had been around for a long time that many people already trusted them. In fact every one of us has tried a Panasonic product once or twice before and we didn’t have any complaints in it until its end of life.

panasonic singapore

Bosch and Panasonic are 2 trusted brands and already has people that trusted them over the years because of their builds and unique designs that not just make sense but also very functional and useful.

In one place

Bosch Specializes more on tools while Panasonic specializes on household appliances, they may not be found in the same store, in the same mall and in the same appliance centers but in furnituresg you can find them in one website. There’s nothing better than a site that has almost everything that people wanted.

Furnituresg is like Mr Fox’s shop in the animation Peppa Pig, he sells everything and his shop has everything. Furnituresg is like that, it sells everything. The best thing about the place it that well everything! Not just product but services as well to maximize your buying experience.

Furniture has aftersales services, all your items bought are covered, they have a website that is easy to navigate despite a lot of things that’s in it, they have door to door delivery service, great customer service that you can get a hold on thru chat in their website and get instant support real time while you are shopping.

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